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Lore of the Luna Moth

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Article Written By: Perpetua All Mother

Girl crying reflection inside Luna moth.
Mirrored by the Moth

Perpetua All Mother

Mirrored by the Moth, 2022

11x11 Scratch-off paper

Luna moths are the largest North American moth with three to four inch wingspan. The Luna moth signifies new beginnings; they are representative of a continued quest for truth and knowledge. They symbolize intuition, psychic perception, and heightened awareness. For the Luna moth, their lore is rooted in love, and their quest in this life is to find their partner. In their adult stage, they live for a mere seven days. Interestingly A male Luna moth is so sensitive to the female's pheromone that he can trace her via scent as far as six and a half miles away. They are known for their outstanding ability to track and find over great distances.

For the Luna moth, time may not be on their side, but they are a natural reminder that love is something that can't be confined by space or time.

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