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Perpetua All Mother creates for those who delight in serene melancholy. Artist & author of dark academia Perpetua explores the parallels between Godhood and girlhood. Illuminating both to center around the quest of being  understood. 



NOT an introduction

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Perpetua All Mother is one of very few artists who has chosen to remain anonymous, shunning fame and forgoing recognition brought to her by her lengthy portfolio, awards, and accolades. Perpetua has admitted there is symbolism behind the black veil that covers her face in almost every photo and public appearance. However, the artist has yet to officially Go on the Record or address interview questions related to the deeper meaning behind the bold fashion statement. No doubt, it has added an element of mystery and intrigue to the already complex artist. Perpetua All Mother's unwavering dedication to creative exploration has solidified her status as one of the most innovative and eccentric figures in the modern artistic landscape.

The Possession of PERPETUA

                                   THE MEDIA HOUSE



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Perpetua All Mother is a poet, creator, and artist who has moved throughout their career to remain anonymous, allowing each creation to speak for itself. With over a decade of professional writing, Perpetua's work has been printed in numerous publications and journals worldwide. Perpetua specializes in writing relational poetry that speaks on adult issues such as the stigma of abuse and trauma bonds.


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 Perpetua All Mother has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of art and literature. She shattered the glass ceiling and broke the mold. Her unapologetic embrace of the bazaar makes her art utterly captivating. Each of her pieces is an undeniable demonstration of deep artistic understanding. Perpetua aims and succeeds in keeping the art world full of mystery and intrigue. 


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Perpetua is known for her hands-on approach to intricate, highly detailed art. The most complex piece she ever produced by hand, clocked in at more than one hundred hours of work by the time it was completed. Perpetua is proud to say that the art released under her name, is completed 100% by her from concept to production. With out Perpetua the art wouldn’t happen. 


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Face it, celebrity culture is on its way out. People are craving virtue with depth. The new generation rejects the Hollywood culture of death. Perpetua All Mother is the leader of the modern artist movement.  Talent has always told the truth. Perpetua denies the facade of ego and instead humbly reminds you of what it means to be human. 



"I continuously give birth to myself and delight in nurturing the new aspects of my essence that require deep love and delicate care. Welcome to the home of my creations."



Renowned for her distinctive and often avant-garde approach to art, poetry, and media creation. Perpetua All Mother's talent has proven time and time again to be both unmatched and unending. With an ever-evolving artistic style, as soon as people think they know what to expect from the famed artist. Perpetua has already moved on to something new. The artist's talents extend beyond traditional boundaries, earning a dedicated and loyal following.

Since When?



Perpetua All Mother was first recognized for their talent in the fine art field. With the ability to seamlessly blend various artistic elements to create an experience unlike any other Perpetua All Mother’s name gained traction quickly and has been featured in several museums and galleries, including Art Basel, an international fine art convention. Perpetua has cultivated a captivating and unconventional artistic portfolio over the years. Typically, her pieces can only be purchased in original 1 of 1s. Perpetua All Mother does not permit the sale of prints except in certain circumstances. 



Perpetua All Mother creates for those who delight in serene melancholy. Artist & author of dark academia Perpetua explores the parallels between Godhood and girlhood. Illuminating both to center around the quest of being understood. Perpetua has already announced an upcoming poetry book is in the works. 

Digital Media Producer


The most recent creative endeavor is digital media production. Perpetua All Mother freelances creative services through her company. She is allowing clients to access the artistic powerhouse known for creating immersive visual and conceptual worlds. Perpetua All Mother Media House is proud to announce that they are now working with holographic technology. 


I have little interest in being seen as good or right.

I wish to connect and curate a shared space of authenticity. 

Most days, my heart yearns to illuminate the stories that have changed my mind and life (there are so many) 

I wish to be me 

through and through. 

I needed an outlet to express myself, which is how I found my way to you.

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A NOTE FROM Perpetua All Mother

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